The making of THE MMORPG (looking for people with skills)

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After playing most of the MMORPG's out.
And looking for a long time for the one that right for me.
i have found there is not a MMORPG that can give me what I want in this type of game.
i am tired of playing the world as SOE/Turbine/Mythic see it.

there needs to be a new MMORPG. one that does what Counter strike did to FPS games.
(the game dev's at the big company’s where like no ones going to want to wait. Up to 5 minutes to respawn.Or After the round if over. But look more people playing CS then any other FPS. And still are.)

This is something I have been working on and telling game dev's about for a long time now with a few of my programer friends. We going to start working on one.

putting in everything we can.

ok so we do not plan on making a big world now. Just get the thing running. With what we want in the game. Then we will make the world.

we want player content. we want players to have the most impact on the game world.
we want something like PVP but in a way that stops a person from just mindless repeated killing of a person just to make them quit the game.

A LAW system set up that makes it wise for an evil player to not go around killing where they can get caught. A JAIL system so if there caught there stuck where the only ones they can harm are others like there self. For a set time.
If they are repeat offenders. have server options to execute “perm death”/life sentence to prison/ or a banishing them to a prison island.(where they can never leave but other players can go there and see them if they want too) a free for all kill zone with out law.

One where armor can be crafted by players better then quested for.
Where there will only be vary few items that can not be resold to another player.
This way people will buy the lesser upgrade instead of holding out for one that is a lot better in hopes of selling the lesser to someone else.

Where quests are made not just by NPC but players too.
(so you need a items to make new armor put it up on a quest board so everyone can see it. And anyone that wants to can do it for you. With XP rewards for doing the task set on how hard the task is and how long it takes to do it.
XP will be set calculated by the game. The rewards will be by the one that post the quest Items, money or both.

A way for players to set up a zone. And create it. Say you want to make a nasty cave. Full of bad things. If you feel up to making it all your self you can. This will probly be in a expiation. And not with the release of the game.

A way to build your house. Any where in the game that is open. And create what it looks like on the inside as well as the outside.

Where the best XP in the game is from doing quest and not grinding the same mobs over and over.
Where skill at killing one type of monster gets leveled up so when your skill gets so higher in the killing of that mob the less XP you get for killing it(making you go try deferent things.)

Being able to customize your character. And his gear. With decals and logos.

Guilds, cities, and empires. (you think it was cool raiding a NPC mob. Well here a guild can raid and attack another guild if close to the same level. Destroy there castle. Kill there leader. In all out war.
The war can only take place when there is a close to even number of guild players online.

When a player reaches max the game is just getting started. Maxing out your level will take a long time. And upon doing this will unlock master levels.
Some of the master levels will make you a raid mob. Where players will be trying to keep up with when you logon.
So they can have all there guild there and online ready to attack you.
( have not worked out all the masters yet. Or even if we will call them master. Or over lords)
but you will move to a new level of play. The more your killed the less the reward you will give the one that kill you. The longer you go with out death the better the rewards for killing you will be. You will gain XP based on how many hours you are on a day and how many time someone attacks you. (This will make you want to login at least 4 days out of the week for at least 1 hour a day.) your XP will be for upgrading your castle/cave or what ever type of house. With servants guards and monsters. You can also travel around the world. But if you home is attacked your wizards Will send you a message asking if you want to be ported back to your house to help defend it.

If you interested in a MMORPG like this and think you will be able to help create what I see as The best MMORPG. Even if its giving some info on what you would think what would be so cool to add to the game or would like to see in a MMORPG. Let me know.
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hey, i could do some art!i was going to make my own rpg, but i didnt, so ill help with yours.
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we are just getting started on this alot of my friends work for the USAF and some other big companys there makeing sure that its ok with the companys they work for if they help program this.

it will be march before my friends in the USAF will get out. and be free to work on the project.
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We should have a running counter for new people coming in saying they want to start the next big MMORPG.

I mean, good luck guys! Can't wait to hear more.
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I had a running counter, but [geek]it overflowed a uint32_t[/geek] so I had to discontinue it Rasp
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I would highly recommend reading this thread:
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OneSadCookie Wrote:I had a running counter, but [geek]it overflowed a uint32_t[/geek] so I had to discontinue it Rasp
Is it that time of the year again?
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Quote:banishing them to a prison island.(where they can never leave but other players can go there and see them if they want too)
As cool as this sounds, I doubt most people will want to play on that prison island. They'll likely just throw together a new character.
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prison island.(where they can never leave but other players can go there and see them if they want too)

it will be for people who like in the real world can not follow the law's.
and keep trying to disrupt game play. this will let them keep playing the game.
just make them play it with other people that will do to them what they have done to others.

and for some resion if the normal players want to go to the prison island and kill some of them say for pay back. why not let them.
as for the people that keep getting stuck on this island. it will probly be a hard place to play as for them just starting a new Character, let them.

seeing if they keep braking the law's and getting caught there just going to land back on the island.
the island will be a hard place to play even with out the fear of being PVPed.
(trying to make the ones that disrupted the game have to work together to do even the simplest of things.)

and yes i know its going to be hard to get the game up and running thats why i am going to just work with getting a small version of it running at frist.

looking in to what will work best.
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This prison idea doesnt sound fun, maybe banish them for a set time related to thier crime instead.

Sir, e^iπ + 1 = 0, hence God exists; reply!
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the Island will be for the ones that have been jailed/prisoned and did not learn say with a server set to 5 that is. 5 times they can be jailed for being caught for braking the law.
before there stuck for on prison Island.

some server may have a higher or lower setting and even have permadeath insted of prison island.

it may not sound like fun but no one tought it would be fun in counter-strike to only live one time for a 5 min round.

i have been thinking maybe you can get out of prison island every 6 months but after your 3rd 6 month ban make it perma death or where you can never get off the island.
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ThemsAllTook Wrote:I would highly recommend reading this thread:

i did read that and i have a lot of programers not sure if i can name the companys they work for. i my self am Adequate at C++ along with someothers

and have alot of networking skills. i understand what this is going to take.

i am 33 years old. and had worked with mapping and moding FPS.

i do know i will need alot of help and free help at that. will to offer a % of the games profit for the work anyone puts in the % will be based off how much you put in to the game. this % will be of the frist years profit. i will take care of the ones that put the most in. and for the ones that wish to stay with this game and keep adding more content to it. i sure i will keep them. and keep them happy.
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very good ideas. like i said, i can do some art. ill email you some pics. btw, 3d or 2d
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3D and it will be along the line of EQ and EQ2 and SWG. the point and click of Shadowbane. is driving me mad. same with NWN there interface sucks.

i plan on making it first person and where you can zoom out in to 3rd peron.
with a tap of a key your mouse will pop up and you can click on your icons and tap back to controling your camara yep no longer will you have to hold down the right mouse button. but you can set it to play like that if you want.
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I hate to be a sceptic and/or ****, but most 33 year olds I know are capable of both spelling and punctuating a sentence properly. If you want people to take you seriously, you certainly should have realized by this point of your life that that sometimes requires the use of capitalization.
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