VBL in CoreGraphics?

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Ingemar Wrote:That's pessimistic. I really hope that is not the future, because what can all non-Microsoft platforms do? License DirectX? I'd rather hope for stronger OpenGL support, with OpenGL ES in mobile devices and straight OpenGL in Sony and Nintendo consoles. (And Sony is a pretty big player.)
I don't think Sony is doing straight OGL, but rather some form of it. Which is still great, except I fear the PS3 is not going to do as well as the PS2 or Xbox 360. Still, OpenGL is here to stay.

Quote:But is the conclusion of this thread that there is no way to do VBL sync these days? That can't be true. Retrace.h is dead alright, but surely there must be some way other than the one built into OpenGL?
Again, what would be wrong with using OpenGL for rasterization in a render to texture scheme? Finding VBL outside of OpenGL would be moot anyway, would it not [since it would be the fastest path]?
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I found the answer to the VBL sync. It is right here, in the CGDirectDisplay API:

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