24-hour mini contest

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Can you guys post screenshots of your games, preferably in game and not the menu Rasp

I'd like to see the results, but I don't wanna download them all (to save myself some bandwidth)

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If you want to see what there like you should really play the games because, well Im not a graphic designer and most of my effort went into the code.

[Image: screensh.jpg]

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I got into Mechanical Job the most, even though I didn't get very good at it.
I like how the short time frame brought out some really creative simple ideas. All 4 entries were impressive.

All of them need polish on the imagery and sounds, etc. but that's to be expected.

Here's some advice for taking these to the next level. Take it or leave it, I realize that a lot of this has probably been thought of already by the creators, but time did not permit. Still, I hate not getting useful feedback when I post a game, so...

Whizbang needs some real physics, I think, to really put it over the top with fun. As it stands it leans towards frustrating because the player can't predict the movements of your player very well.

Mechanical (side scroller) needs more living things to interact with. Jumping can be fun, but I'd like to see enemies/bonuses to mix things up. I'm sure they're not there because of the time, obviously. Also, getting stuck sucks. Smile

Mechanical Thing needs a couple of simple additions like a different image for the exit, a simple onscreen way of telling what the controls are, and, of course, the addition of deeper and deeper puzzle mechanics. Smile

Mechanical Job needs some more visual and audio feedback. Maybe arrows at every intersection showing that the arrow keys are effecting all at once. Maybe numbers ON the "stamps", so you can tell which stamp matches which key. Otherwise, it has a great KLAX feeling going on with the music and visuals... I think you need some differentiating images (besides just colors) for the color blind players out there, though.

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aarunsullivan, I'm not sure what you mean by "real physics." Could you be more specific? I know that I'm at a disadvantage here, because I'm the programmer and know exactly how to move.

I plan on scaling all of the graphics down to about 0.5 so as to make the playing field much bigger, then making more use of both strategy and "shoot everything with a machine gun" elements.

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Lucky you for using blitzmax, shrinking is super easy Wink

I dunno, I like the crazy physics, it's a different world!

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Hi all!

I've just managed to complete the registration and now am able to post Smile (BTW I did the entry MechanicalJob)

Thanks for the feedback. I really would like to know bugs you guys found in the game, 'cause I've got some ideas to make this a better game.

First on my list is to make the box movement more "real" The way the boxes move fluently now is faked and that's why the boxes moves so strangely when they are on top of a changing belt when you press an arrow key...

Then more feedback... printing the numbers and the arrows... I had no time for this... but i'll do it...

And then levels. I'm making a very simple editor. This game could benefit from different layouts and more varied colors to for the player to match, not just the basic ones... and in order to finish a level you have to get a certain number of each color... could be fun

so what you think?
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diordna: Actually, making things smaller will be great. I just meant using real gravity calculations as they tend to give the elements more weight and feel more natural. Maybe it's only one part of the vehicle that gets magnetized with a visual cue, so the player knows exactly what will be slamming into what. Try the "local" game Ragdoll Masters if you haven't. The physics are natural enough that you can begin predicting what will happen. I haven't played your game enough to be more specific, though. In the end, if it's more fun, it's the best choice. Smile

maka123: I think all of your ideas are great on your game and I look forward to playing later versions. I know my wife will dig it, too. Grin

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