New to APP and Games development - Need help !

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Hello there !
I've always had a strong desire to develop applications for iphone.I seriously have no or very little programming background.I know some basics of programming from my school days.However I would like to start from scratch to develop iphone apps and games. Can someone help me getting started ?.

I'm planning to launch my first app or game within the next 2 months ! . I know its hard but I'm sure I've got a lot of tenacity and patience to get it done ! .

I would also like to let u know my knowledge in computers so you can figure out the best learning path for me .
1.Dreamweaver ( I can create a website with login support with help of XAMPP.I know its of no use for this purpose)
2.C ( little bit of for loops and while loops programs and some array concepts)
3.Java( Had a glimpse of it school days , so not much idea abt it)
4.VBA (had done a few excel assignments using VBA code, in other words automating excel for my needs).

I would really appreciate your help and support in developing me as an successful Iphone application developer through your support !

Thanks and regards,
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Your best bet from knowing absolutely nothing is reading some books. There are a gajillion iPhone game development books. Some of them don't exaaactly offer the best advice (so I'm told), but either way you'll learn how to do things.

I don't believe, however, that any of these books really teach you programming from a cold start. Variables, loops, functions, classes, etc, but it sounds like you probably have enough experience to get by without a basic "how to program" book.

So basically, just go grab an iPhone programming book off of Amazon and read through it well.
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