Call For Help: The Game Track Open Source Project

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Hello boys and girls,

You might know me from my previous (small) contribution to the Mac OS X/Cocoa game scene, Stratèges, a networked Stratego clone, which is getting open-sourced in a near future, by the way. But Stratèges is not the point of this thread.

The point of this thread is the GameTrack project, an open source Cocoa framework that can add online match-making capabilities to any networked Cocoa game without much hassle.

I've already began work, almost a year ago and then the project stalled. Originally, Andrew from Kavasoft (iConquer fame) worked on the project too, and other devs too but I eventually stopped working on it because of personal reasons (no time). I'm trying to contact Andrew at the moment to ask him if he's still interest (I guess he is.)

I want to eventually create a free, open source online match making Cocoa framework, which will probably be supported by a PHP/MySQL backend.

I already have near-working code and I know how it would work.

I want an open source project like Growl and Adium: a cool and active and useful project.

What I need:

- 1 or 2 robust, experimented Cocoa coders
- 1 guy who knows PHP/MySQL or who would know a better solution (XML/RPC?)
- We need a CVS server... someone who knows how to set that up!

my aim is : ambushosx
my email is jolivierld AT gmail DOT zCOMz

only motivated people, thanks!
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define "online match-making capabilities"... this isn't some dating service, is it?
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sorry, English isn't my mother tongue.

What I mean is like... an online tracker for games. You want to play a game, you can host a game and it'll get posted. Or you can just see a list of games.
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