deleting C++ newed memory

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Say I've got a pointer (mainPtr) to an array where each element of the array
is itself a pointer to a user defined object called Node.

All Nodes and the array is allocated with the new command.

Will something like

delete [] mainPtr;

free up the array and all associated memory pointed to by the elements,
or do i need to explicitly recover the Nodes memory with separate delete

Something tells me it is the later, but I'll be happy to be wrong
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AFAIK it's the latter. Smile
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It is the latter. If you wanted delete[] to delete all of the content objects too, you should make an array of objects instead of an array of pointers to objects, or use std::auto_ptr to keep track of each object.

Standard warning: but don't use std::auto_ptr with STL containers such as std::vector. Ever. Wink

Neil Carter
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