SDL_OPENGL flag causes VC++ app to crash

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I am trying to port an OpenGL/SDL application from linux to windows. The problem I am having is that the program crashes if I include the flag SDL_OPENGL in the SDL_SetVideoMode function. Suggestions?

I am using SDL1.2.8 and VC++ 7.0.
The program works fine in linux, and properly (but without graphics) in windows if the flag is omitted. I have included sdl.lib sdlMain.lib glut32.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib. The project is empty Win32 application, code generation is set to multi-threaded DLL.

I have seen a few postings for this error on the web, but no solutions.
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This is a Mac programming board, so you're unlikely to get much help...

Do you have the latest OpenGL drivers for your video card installed?
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sorry, didn't realize that this was a mac board.

i don't know if I have the latest drivers. actually, the linux and windows systems
are on two seperate computers, so I should have checked for hardware problems.
thanks for the suggestion.
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You might want to try recompiling SDL from source with VC7. I think the default precompiled libs and dlls are using VC6. That 'might' be the crux of the problem.
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