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i just moved over to sdl / xcode from sdl / visual studio.
ive finally successfully installed and ran the demos
that come with the sdl application and sdl opengl application templates and
was able to cut and paste a sdl image demo into main.c , add the
sdl_image framework and linker settings and run that.
all these demos are in c however. upon renaming any of these main.c
to main.cpp, you begin to get errors, presumably because the templates
are not set up for c++. althought once i get more familar with xcode, im sure after
many clicks, windows, and edits i could change some existing template to suite my needs, i can already see it would be very useful to build custom templates to
save time adding the same frameworks, linker settings, compiler flags every time you want to start a new project, in fact everybody seems to be making custom templates for something, there are even 3rd party apps for creating them. i myself would prefer to get the info from the horses mouth, but my attempts to search for
"custom xcode templates" , "creating templates", etc. in xcodes documentation and apples dev site have returned only descriptions of existing templates, not how to make them. does anyone know where this information is, or if this the result of people creatively hacking apples standard templates and not an officially supported behavior, a link to a good tutorial. if not, i guess ill just start opening stuff in emacs and poking around.

thanks in advance,
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