Death of the MMORPG

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The few times I role played (real RPG's, not videogames) there was always this strange feeling everyone was feeling an idiot... maybe none of us was enough into it.

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Najdorf Wrote:The few times I role played ... there was always this strange feeling everyone was feeling an idiot...

I have a strict don't ask, don't touch policy when it comes to touching other gamers.

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Haha Smile
I've haven't played that much tabletop RPGs, but when I have I've had a really nice time, but that's probably since I've only played with really good friends that really tries to act in character all the time.

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How many people have actually played a MMORPG? Here I mean, not the millions "out there".

The only one I played was Vendetta, and it was awesome, how much "role playing" can you do when your avatar is a spaceship though, really? Well I'll tell you, my roommate and I would make up some silly names for our "spaceship guy" and then we'd act it out as a team, it was rewarding, getting slaughtered put a damper on things, but not when you jumped back out of the space station as a team and tried to fight back, it was good stuff.

The current version of the game does rely too much on the "leveling up", most of the starting missions you do alone, and it becomes boring quickly. In the beta stage you'd enter a smaller universe that was populated, and you can easily slip into the hotdog pilot, innocent trader, vigilant defender, or support gunship/cargoship mode of thinking. They lost that in the final play and the far off reward of commanding a executive class ship is just that, too far off, to keep interest.

MMORPG, with its eighty or so titles, is still in its growing stages. At some point the RPG element will be infused into the games again by means of limited dialogue options, ones that actually affect NPC's, ones that don't detract from immersion, ones that will make it not very apparent if the player on the other side of the world is a 12 year old.

Even table top RPG's have unwritten scripts, if you say a bunch of stupid stuff that takes the fun out of gaming for the GM and other players, they probably won't ask you to play again, and the game will probably devolve into everyone ganging up on your character, or lack thereof.

How many table top RPG sessions, globally, have devolved into fights over rules?
Impossible to calculate that, but it hasn't killed the game genre yet, amazingly.
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*takes out World of Warcraft IV tube to type on idevgames*
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