Cannot debug header files XCode 2.0

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Hello All

Here's my situation, I work on the same C++ project on two different machines (G4, G5).
When I debug the code on the G4 machine I can go and debug the header files with no problems, but on the G5 the debugger ignores the header files code.

I think I have project setting problems?

I know there's a per file flag I can turn on to tell the compiler to generate debug symbols for the header files, I just can't remember what that was.

Any suggestions?
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Make sure you're active build configuration is on Development(Project->Active Build Configuration). If that doesn't fix it, set a breakpoint at the beginning of your app and also at the point in the header you want it to break on. Sometimes the debugger won't stop in a static function in a header file until you've already stopped somewhere else beforehand, and hit continue. I don't know why that is. Smile
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