OpenGL, and QuickTime

Lord Vader
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I am just starting with OpenGL and wanted to know if anyone could tell me the OpenGL equivalent to Gworlds in QuickDraw?

Also could any one point me to some good QuickTime tutorials please Grin.
It would be a great help. (Or if some one knows of a better audio API that would be great to Smile)
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The only thing in OpenGL close to a GWorld is a PBuffer -- a combination of a texture and a drawable.
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In OpenGL you draw into a drawable. A drawable is just a chunk of memory, but it could come from various places depending on what you want to do (render to a window, an offscreen buffer, fullscreen...)

Apple has a lot of Quicktime samples.
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This goes back several years, but I remember using GWorlds a bit and
then stumbling onto openGL. (Thanks to this site) Once I started using
openGL, I never looked back. I'd say openGL is at least an order of magnitude
easier and powerful.

If you are trying to port a bunch of GWorld code, you might want to
just do a rewrite. Otherwise it might be like casting pearls before swine.
Where openGL = pearls, Graphics World = pigs. Smile

Check out the Red Book on line.

I don't mean to come off as a openGL snob, but yes, it's that good.
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Lord Vader
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Thanks for the replies. I think Ive got this OpenGL thing down now(At leaste good enough for a 2d game).
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