J2ME game programming library and book

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For all you java fanatics out there, courtesy of the sharp eye of Carlos...



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I don't understand all the buzzwords yet, but anyone working in J2ME might also be interested in a product from a friend of mine:


It's an emulator you can use for J2ME development. When you are done, you can use their service to make your product playable on the web to show it to potential customers.

I haven't had time to look into it yet but my friend assures me that it's Mac-compatible (and he used to develop with WebObjects for a living.)

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Thanks for posting this Daniel, and thanks for that link Matt! Looks really cool. Can you ask your friend if there is anything Mac devs can do about Brew?

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Michael Powers
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Hi all - Matt referred me over here.

There's no option for Brew on the Mac, but you might not care since all but one of the North American carriers and most of the carriers around the world support J2ME, and most of those support it exclusively.

That said, you can write your J2ME games for free (with our toolkit or Sun's; Brew charges $$$), demo them from your website with our player for free, list them in our catalog for free, and enable them for purchase through our partnership with Handango (where you get ~70%). So we think J2ME is a pretty good platform for writing games.
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Michael -

thanks for creating mpp - and for your article on sun.com about how to develop MIDP on OSX. It was a lot of fun getting little test apps running - I couldnt of done it w/o your site.

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