openAL, QuickTime, or Core Audio?

Lord Vader
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Aarku, I tried using SqueakLib and it looks great!

I am having some problems though. Every thing compiles fine, but when I try to run the
program It exits because it does not recognize the functions. I think I am including
the SqueakLib file wrong or some thing. Any suggestions?

Lord Vader
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The simplest thing you could do is:

Add SqueakLib.c and SqueakLib.h to your project.

Add the Carbon and QuickTime frameworks to your project. These are located in /System/Library/Frameworks

Then wherever you are using SqueakLib calls, put

#include "SqueakLib.h"

at the top of the file.

The documentation is generated with HeaderDoc, so SqueakLib.h is a bit huge and I would recommend not looking at it directly for information. One of the READMEs directs you to the generated documentation.

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