Using Obj-c in latest xcode opengles tempalte

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I am having a hard time getting Objective-c to work immediately in the latest opengl template. Let me explain.
in the pch file there is a #ifdef __OBJc__ or some such and 2 includes
If i add the compile flag OBJ_C that pch complains as if it cannot understand all the objective c syntax. If i leave that compile setting out it compiles fine and all the obj c code works any place thats refrenced in my project. However I cannot use objc in things included in my pch.

I never had this problem in older projects. Its not a big deal except I have a high level struct that I need in my pch and I wanted to but a protocol in the struct but I cannot because it doesn't understand the @protocol.

In my older project I can even pick objc compiler compliance in a c settings section in the build tab but this new project does not have that entire section.

Has anyone experienced this?
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