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Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone has a hosting site that they'd highly recommend. I really only have a few requirements. I'd like one that would allow me to run a server application on, anonymous ftp, dedicated IP, more then one MySQL DB, and enough web space for a decent web site. High Bandwidth would be nice too along with being somewhat reasonably cheap (<$200). There's a plethora of sites out there so I'm just wondering which ones you've had good (or bad) experiences with. Thanks!

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If you require less than 7GB of bandwidth a month (which most do, with the exception of uDG time, which in case, I suggest you allow me to host your files (DIE UNIVERSITY DIE!)), then I would suggest They are VERY friendly, reliable, and easy to use. I'm sure I could even teach my little sister to use them. They also support most buzzwords... bah, just read the list yourself and see if it fits:
I've used them for 4 years.

EDIT: oops, didn't see dedicated IP
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1and1 is a pretty good webhost with several packages and customization to suit your needs. I'd say this is probably the best webhost for the money (I have the developer package). Lots of functionality and features. The only downside is that their control panel is somewhat cumbersome.
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