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does anyone know a free mac icns editor for free and where i can get it??

thanks Mad
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You can edit any old format and turn it into a icn file using a tool that comes free with the developer tools, which comes free with panther and tiger, and a seperate disk with jaguar.
On tiger, and probably panther, you can get it here as long as you have the developer tools.
Otherwise, it would be in a folder within the applications folder of the developer folder, Mac HD -> Developer -> Applications -> Utilities -> Icon Composer.

To use it, drag in the image file you're using.
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One thing to be careful of: last time I checked, Icon Composer didn't import .psd files correctly (the transparency didn't convert properly). I usually use TIFF format, single layered, with transparency.
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There's also Iconographer X if you want a built-in editor, and a few more features. It's not free as such, but it's cheap an unobtrusive shareware.
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