cvs2svn, nib files, and .cvswrappers

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Well, here's an interesting situation that I ran into yesterday that I finally solved this morning (and that I'm documenting here for people who run across it too and are puzzled by what happened).

I have a CVS repository that I'm slowing converting over to use Subversion. A while back when I first set it up, I set up a .cvswrappers file that handled nib files by calling cvs-wrap and cvs-unwrap on them (which I think from looking at the source tar'd them and did something else). It was a fine system and it worked out well (well, as well CVS usually works).

Fast forward to the present where I'm converting this old CVS repository to Subversion repositories via cvs2svn. I see several notes that indicate to use --no-default-eol so that your binary files like pngs and nib files don't get corrupted. So I convert over a couple projects, I build them fine, but when I try to run them, they crash right away. Apparently my nib files didn't make it through the cvs2svn conversion process. Interface Builder won't open them either. Okay... what went wrong here...

As you can probably figure out, the nib files weren't really nib files but rather nib files that had been processed by cvs-wrap. Running cvs-unwrap on one of them brought me back a valid nib file so now I gotta go back and see if I can automate this process in Subversion somehow or something.

Anyway, hopefully this helps someone else converting over to Subversion from CVS.

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just add the .nib directory and the three files it contains to subversion. it'll work just fine. same for .xcodeproj, though you probably want to ignore files that begin with a username. i've never seen any need for the cvs wrappers mess.
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