autotools on os x with sdl/opengl

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I would like to make my project compatible with linux using the GNU configure / make system (otherwise known as GNU Autotools). It is an OpenGL game and uses SDL to do system level things such as opening the window and keyboard input.

I have not been able to find any explanation on how to create and files which will build my sdl/opengl project on mac os x and on linux (and hopefully also windows) systems.

nb: I would like the mac os x build to use the "frameworks approach" and not force mac os x users to install sdl using fink.

Any advice on this subject would be very much appreciated.
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a) You're nuts.
b) seriously.
c) consider Cons or SCons instead.
d) even then, support for frameworks and bundles is not good.
e) if you're resolved,
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While Keith's reply sounds harsh, it's true. If you require the users to build the game themselves, you'll do nothing but piss them off and turn them away. 90% of the users out there don't even know what the Terminal is. Smile Just build the package and release it - it's the right way - because forcing them to build themselves is very much the wrong way on Mac. Smile
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I agree with Fenris users dont even want to read the manual anymore, no one is going to be willing to compile their own game

Kyle Richter
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er, I didn't read the OP as suggesting that users would have to compile the game themselves...
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