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I was unable to get the function SDL_LoadPNG_RW to work whatsoever with only the SDL.framework.. Apparently only SDL_LoadBMP is included with the standard framework?

Anyways, I downloaded SDL_image.framework, added the framework to my "SDL Application" project, and I still can't get Xcode to recognize that I've added the framework... Apparently SDL_LoadPNG_RW is still "implicitly declared" (ie, it can't be found in any of the headers...

I've tried adding #include "SDL_image.h", "SDL/SDL_image.h" to my main.c file, the SDLMain.c file, and the SDLMain.h file, and I still can't properly load a PNG.. anyone know what's going on?

also, I guess my follow up question is whether it's possible to load a PNG without the SDL_image framework... thanks in advance. Wacko
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I think it should be
#include <SDL_image/SDL_image.h>

If that doesn't work, also try adding /Library/Frameworks/SDL_image.framework/Headers to your Header Search Paths in the project's get info window.

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Quote:whether it's possible to load a PNG without the SDL_image framework

Not without coding your own loader.

Probably your error is that there is no function named "SDL_LoadPNG_RW"; all SDL_image functions have the prefix "IMG_", so you should be using "IMG_LoadPNG_RW", and a quick look at the documentation confirms it.

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okay sealfin, thanks, apparently I can't read. Blink
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