Question about using Subversion and svnserve

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Does anyone here use Subversion and svnserve to remotely access their repositories from another computer? I pretty much got Subversion up and running at home and I can do stuff with my repositories locally but now I'm trying to figure out how to get to it when I'm at the office. My guess is that I'll have to open up the port for svnserve both on the software firewall and the router but I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience doing this.

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I use Apache2 with SVN and it works great. Little tricky to get going initially, but a breeze after that. I dunno about OSX (or whatever OS you're using for a server) but on Debian you can apt-get all the pieces you need and be going in no time. Then you also get all the extra features of Apache like user logins and such. Dunno what all svnserve provides, I haven't tried it.

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I use svnserve on a 'nix box under my stairs and access it using xcode and the CLI from my G5.

Once set up, this pretty much 'just works'.

You do have to watch out for occasional gotchas like TextEdit clobbering the .svn folder inside .rtfd packages, but once you know about the problem you can work around it.

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