Grab current desktop/screen as a texture?

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I'm writing a program and I'd like to mess with the a screen capture of whatever if displayed on the screen when the program starts. I need to then use the grab of the screen as an OpenGL texture so I can draw on it, or put it on a polygon or whatever.

So my question is, how do I grab the screen and then make it into a texture? It's something I've done under Windows, but I can't work it out under Mac OS X, altho I'm hoping it's still possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Should certainly be possible. Freedom Force (ported by Omni Group) applies an entertaining swirl effect to the desktop image when it starts up. I don't know how they did it though.

For that matter, screen capture utilities also do it. Hmmm...
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Here's a method I just came up with: programatically invoke the command line utility "screencapture", sending the image to the clipboard.
Then you'd have to get it from there into a texture.

There's got to be a more direct way, though. Hopefully someone here knows the magic incantation...

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If you're only interested in capturing *your* app's interface into an OpenGL texture, and if your app is Cocoa, you could use this:
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Hmm.. I actually want to get the whole screen, but it's a start.

Just thinking without knowing here, but is there a global NSView which encompases the whole screen? That'd be handy. Smile Or what about making a window the size of the screen thats transparent, then grabbing that? That would work under Windows, but I don't know enough about OS X to be able to say myself. What dya think?
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