METAL and tiger

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hello,I have some problems to use metal basic with Tiger:it was ok with panther,and with tiger I tried to download the application,but my computer can't open the .sit file , and it tries to open my programs with excel Mad Wacko !!!

who can help me???
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You need Stuffit Expander
to open .sit files

Then you need to follow the developer of Metal, and give up on it.
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I have stuffit Expander !!!!!
but I have found the program in an other computer,so it's ok!

do you understand why metal saves his files as Excel files?????
to open them,I must say to metal to open all documents because it doesn't see that it was a metal document.....very strange...!

PS:I'm french,and 16 years old,so excuse me if my english isn't perfect...!
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The Metal Dev did not save as excel files, Excel just became the default application
from mysterious reasons. Perhaps because they have no extension?

Metal has been discontinued, the developer has vanished.
If you MUST use BASIC then Look into TNT Basic, soon to be open source
or BlitzMax and there's Chipmunk BASIC too

If you want to break out of BASIC, try Dreamcard, its easy.

Le réalisateur en métal n'a pas économisé comme excellent des
fichiers, excellent est juste devenu l'application de défaut des
raisons mystérieuses. Peut-être parce qu'elles n'ont aucune
extension ?

Le métal a été discontinué, le réalisateur a disparu. Si vous
DEVEZ utiliser le BASIC alors regardez dans le TNT de base,
pour être bientôt source ouverte ou BlitzMax et il y a de BASIC de
Chipmunk aussi

Si vous voulez éclater du BASIC, essai Dreamcard, son facile.

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metal can't open the files which it saved!!
I tried to do something in tnt basic,but it seems to be difficult!
I'll see at dreamcard,thank you very much for your help!

PSGrino you know Interface Builder?I seek somebody who can introduce me,because the tutorials are too difficult.
and:is it possible to build an application with a compiled program from metal and images,in a folder .app ?????
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