4-hour maze game mini-contest results

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Dual Maze is bunches of fun :-) And it is great to see all these four-hour maze games ;-) I really like this four hour idea :-)
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Dual Maze was probably the most clever. QnDMaze kept my attention the longest and got me thinking about things that could be added to it to make it a more fleshed out game.

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Carlos Camacho Wrote:BTW, are you guys going to release the source code to the games? Grin

Yup, here's the link for mine: http://www.sacredsoftware.net/software/q...rce.tar.gz

There may be an issue building it if you've changed your build directory settings, and it doesn't seem to run on 10.2.x... I'll fix these problems when I have time.

aaronsullivan Wrote:QnDMaze (Quick and Dirty Maze?)

That's correct! Wink

- Alex Diener
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Zarmaht Charren, The maze one with the wierd lines and rotation, and DualMaze are the only ones that work on my ATi Rage 123, Mac os 10.2.8.
(128MB ram, 350Mhz)

And, I think DualMaze was the best.
(I like dual games... a real challange!)

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