Fluent FRENCH Person HELP ME!_BlitzMax:Excellent Tutorial, French Translation needed.

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Save a drowning man please, i've tried to translate the line comments using free sources and what little french i know, and i'm up a creek without a paddle. If someone who's fluent in French could throw me a rope.

even if you don't know blitz syntax you can help the syntax is pretty clean, the source files are pretty printed and if you're code savvy you'll know what to avoid as structure but yeah i need the object/variable names translated.

Someone please be an angel, save my life and translate the source, there's just some colloquialisms and abbreviations i can't translate especially when it comes to the variable names..i've reverted them back to french incase i accidentally butcher the meaning and used false cognates.

Save me, the source is pretty printed for easy reading, don't let the line counts scare you, its really sparse, but i'm completely French clueless...HELP ME!!!

http://www.ellrx.com/source/tuto7.txt ---262 lines
http://www.ellrx.com/source/classefond.txt ---43 lines
http://www.ellrx.com/source/classevaisseau.txt ---208 lines
http://www.ellrx.com/source/inc_utils.txt ---90 lines

random: my ex-girlfriend was creole but we're not speaking anymore Cry Wacko

uhm if you're really bored and its like 3am
take a stab at these
((( http://www.ellrx.com/source/tuto1.txt
http://www.ellrx.com/source/tuto6.txt )))

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