OneSadCookie name guessing contest!

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Cookies are sad beings. Imagine a cookies life....
We'll take a chocolate chip cookie for example:
What was previously disemboweled in the creation of the earth is brought back together after the painful split, Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Pure Vanilla, Baking Soda, Eggs, Butter, Salt and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips for an even more painful reunion. Its like siamese nonuplets (9 joined together* ) breaking up, and then being forced back together. But this group of ingredients aren't just put together, oh no, they are whisked, beaten, heated, split up again into circular form. They are put into jars, airtight mind you. In these jars they remain until taken out to be devoured by the beasts that put them together in the first place. Thus cookies are sad by nature. I herby propose that OneSadCookie is one of the many sufferers in some stage of this malicious cycle.
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Here's a new suggestion for the origin of the nickname OneSadCookie.

Background: last week I was searching for the website where I had a vague recollection you could sign up for a free registration code for the game Galactic Patrol. Google quickly located it for me:

Now check out that URL, see if you notice anything interesting.

(As followup, I searched the web for 1S4D_Cookie, IS4D_Cookie and other variants, didn't find anything. But if you search for ws4d_cookie you will get hits in the URLs of many, completely unrelated webpages. So apparently that URL is generated by some standard tool or technique that lots of websites are using; not sure what it is though.)

Just musing. Granted, it's a bit of a leap to get from WS4D_Cookie to One Sad Cookie, but who knows, maybe alcohol was involved somehow. :-)

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MattDiamond Wrote:

Now check out that URL, see if you notice anything interesting.

Very interesting theory, and I wouldn't be surprised if alcohol and this were correct Smile

Web Server 4D file extension.

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Rereading this thread years later I realize that I didn't give Corun due credit for being just as close as Derek.

Let the speculation recommence Rasp

(Yes, I am bored)
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Hey, if you're bored, I can always unload my programming questions on you. Rasp

My guess is, he was innocently downloading smiley faces off the internet one day. Months later, he decided to clean out the little spinning magnetic thingy that is his hard drive. When he got to his "Cookies" folder, he noticed that the website had placed a cookie on his hard drive in the form of a sad face image. He was moved to tears,(and rather inspired) by the hardship this smiley must have gone through to have such a sad face, but he did what was necessary and deleted it. However, he could not sleep that night, and decided he must carry on that smiley faces legacy. Thus, he came to forums and registered himself as OneSadCookie.


- Lincoln Green
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