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I'm reverse engineering a game file format and have a question about one of the things I have found that I'm having trouble finding information on since I don't know what to call it or what it might encode.

In the file there are blocks of data I've decided to call Materials, these contain one of two types of data:

int material_id
int material_type/flags
int texture_id
int palette_id
float a
float b
float c


int material_id
int material_type/flags
int rgb_color
float a
float b
float c

The question I have is the float values a, b, and c. I would say a good number of the records have 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 as values for a, b, and c with different types having differing values.

My only lead so far is that these might be related to lighting although most lighting I have found in OpenGL requires 4 floats. Also this would always be a blue light in most cases which doesn't sound right to me.

Any idea on what this might encode? I don't even need details just guesses of what it might be so I can research and decide/confirm for myself.

Thanks for any ideas you can provide.
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The only idea I can give you is to look through the wotsit.org archives. If you can't find the format there, then perhaps you can pickup ideas by looking at the other formats...
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