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Hey there asn thanks for reading. I have what I hope is a easy question. I'm looking for a way to get the IP address coming in to my Airport. Right now when I get the IP address it's the one set by the base station for the airport. This is fine for my internal network but does not work (obviously) for anyone outside the network. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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as has been discussed before on these forums, you can't do it. About the best you can do is ask a remote server what your IP is to it.
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We have ADSL. My brother has his AirTunes connected with our router. The IP that remote servers gets is not his computers IP. All computers connected to our router has an IP that starts with 85.224.110. The IP that remote servers gets when my brother uses his AirTunes starts with 10.something.
It's impossible to connect to the IP starting with 10.something using ports that would work if he wouldn't be using his AirTunes.
Anyone know how to get the real IP when using AirTunes and a router?
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Addresses starting with 10. are reserved for private networks and are not accessible from outside networks. Google for "private address ranges" to find out other reserved addresses. Also, Google for "NAT" and/or "port forwarding", to understand how this works and why your real IP is different.
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Your router has a WAN IP, and distributes local IP's to all computers on the network, usually in the ranges 10.*.*.* or 192.168.*.* (there is one other reserved range right?) Anyway you do it though, you should be able to get your WAN IP by looking in your router settings or on one of the sites Kelvin gave.
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http://whatismyip.com/ will tell you your outside IP.

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198.162 is generally interally as well

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Private address spaces are offically:
It could be something else, but it can cause a conflict, so generally those three are used.

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Private adress space :

for IPv4

And of course
And yea, of course, the embarassing source:
"Understanding IPv6" by Joseph Davies published by Microsoft
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Anyone know about the IP:s?(still auto configure in OSX?)
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