Getting SDL apps to a releasable form

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I had slight difficulties in getting my SDL applications to a shippable form. I wrote the following tutorialish based on my misadventures:

If someone has some comments, or can point out any mistakes I've made, I'd be grateful. (The above is an appendix to a SDL graphics tutorial I've been writing).
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I haven't checked the last SDL version, but unless they changed it, the prebuilt Frameworks (SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and a few others) are already set up correctly for bundling (@executable_path/../Frameworks). As for the command line way to create the .dmg, it is handy, but if I were a Windows programmer looking to port a game to Mac, all those steps would probably scare me off Wink

Perhaps you could divide the tutorial into an "Easy steps" and an alternative "Advanced steps" sections: use the prebuilt frameworks & Disk Utility in the "Easy" section, build from source & command line dmg creation in the "Advanced" section.
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