ODE: Where did the built libs go?

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(This is under "Game Programming - Carbon API (C/C++)", hopefully "Third-party APIs, Frameworks, SDKs" will replace this?)

So... after an embarrassing failed first attempt (forgot to set "PLATFORM=osx" Blush ) I finally built ode 0.5 from source and ran the demo apps in X11.

Two questions:
1) Can this standard built version be used for non X11 apps? If not, anyone has the appropriate configs/options I should use?
2) Mmmm... I built it, and it works but... where are the .a or the .dylibs? The libs directory is empty and there is no ode lib in usr/lib either Wacko Where are they supposed to be?

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1) Yes. ODE is entirely graphics-agnostic. If you look at the API there is nothing graphics related. ODE ships with a package called drawstuff which is an openGL/X11 drawing system. But you're not tied to using this - in fact you probably don't want to. I have successfully used ODE as a back-end with SDL & OpenGL for the graphics and user input etc.

So just build ODE, link your app with libode.a and then in your code, call the ODE functions dGeomGetPosition, dGeomGetRotation etc. and then draw them with your own custom drawing routines.

2) You should get libode.a appearing in ode-0.5/lib If not then your build is not working properly. It should work (well it did for me) if you edit config/user-settings to include PLATFORM=osx then do a make in the ode-0.5 directory, then everything should build fine.
Before trying again, do a make clean to clear up anything from any previous builds.

If that doesn't work then check the make output for any funky errors.

I can't remember offhand if there is a 'make install' but if not then just copy libode.a into /usr/local/lib and copy the contents on ode-0.5/include into /usr/local/include

Hope this helps

- Iain
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Hmm... libode.a & libdrawstuff.a just magically appeared in ode-0.5/lib now (I guess the Finder thought it would be funny not to refresh the folder contents Mad )

Also, I'm building ODE as a step to get breve to compile, but eventually I'll probably make some little test game with it.
SDL+OpenGL+C++ is my favorite mix, but right now, I'm stuck with breve's "steve" code - a bit ObjC-like - and... AppleScript - almost english-like, but just different enough to frustrate your best efforts for hours!!!

I'll post a link to my breve project (a legged robot simulator) as soon as it becomes interesting Wink
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OK, I spoke too fast! I tried building ode again, this time on my home mac, and while building ode-lib itself went fine, building drawstuff-lib (and their respective tests) failed:
make drawstuff-lib
g++ -c -Wall -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -Wall -I/usr/X11R6/include -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math -Iinclude   -DdNODEBUG -O2 -o drawstuff/src/drawstuff.o drawstuff/src/drawstuff.cpp

drawstuff/src/drawstuff.cpp:44:19: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
drawstuff/src/drawstuff.cpp:45:20: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory

So... for some reason it's not finding OpenGL. I know that in the OpenGL framework, the right include would be OpenGL/gl.h & glu.h, but I guess this is supposed to be X11 GL? If so, where exactly are those GL headers - I can't find them in my X11 folders Annoyed

(note: " Annoyed " is such a funny squarlie Rasp )

Edit: OK... X11 user install != X11 SDK Blush nvm
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