unable to open 'dpimimem.dll'

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hello, i was trying to link a "hello world" program, but when I input:

tlink nomefile.obj

i get this error message:

fatal: unable to open 'dpimimem.dll'

can you help me? could it be the himem.sys command?
by the way, i've got a pentium II 400 processor, 64M RAM, which I use to try some stuff...

thank you, bye
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This is a Macintosh game programming forum, so it's likely that many people here won't know much about PC development tools. Also, you didn't mention which tools you're using so it's very difficult to determine what your situation really is. However, a little bit of Googling turned up this link - hopefully that's relevant in some way!

Neil Carter
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Eh... moved to 'alternative game programming' – but even filed under that broad description, this thread doesn't really belong ('alternative game programming' being itself a child of the 'Macintosh game development' board.

Mark Bishop
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