PLAIN Objective-C template for XCode?

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hi, folks... I'm working through Kochan's "Programming in Objective-C" which I began to read a while back, but only now obtained my own copy. I've noticed even in the end of chapter 3 that when I try to define a class "Point" that the best-workaround-template selection Cocoa Application already has some CoreServices classes bound in the target, including a type called Point in mactypes.h ...

Well, I do not really know XCode very well, nor how to dissect what is going on here, so I'm wondering if I could solicit someone here to make as simple a vanilla Objective-C template as possible.

Something similar to the "standard tool" but "objective-c tool" that just deals with the console.

I think you know what I mean... Just a few steps away from typing gcc at the terminal. I will figure out XCode later :/
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just use the "empty project" template and add what you need
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Coin Wrote:just use the "empty project" template and add what you need

there are two snags with this..

1) I have not had much luck with empty projects. Once you start adding targets, it starts adding things I don't think are necessary. For example, I just started an empty project, added a Cocoa command line tool (closest I could find to "objective C command line tool") and once I compiled a simple hello world program, it started precompiling the AppKit framework. Now I know this is not necessary to print out a string to a terminal...

2) I'm running through a ton of small examples, so in the end a template is a time saver anyway. Going through 5 steps to get an empty project in a buildable state is not an advantage over creating a new cocoa project and changing the imported headers. (and just ignoring the frameworks that are linked)
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Go with a Foundation Tool project. It's the project choice to create a command-line program in Objective C.
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