Confused While Debugging

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My program kept closing down unexpectedly so I ran the debugger (in Xcode) and found an EXC_BAD_ACCESS when dealing with the following code:

class Weapon
void AddFireTimer(float t)  { fireTimer += t; }

float fireTimer;

I can't figure out what's so wrong with this code. Any suggestions?
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that doesn't look like executable code, except for the
void AddFireTimer(float t) { fireTimer += t; } part.
my guess is that your Weapon object is invalid.
do you have a stack trace?
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I looked through more of my code and found out my problem.

I have a player class containing four weapons (from the above class). I was trying to assign values to these weapons by using the = operator which failed horribly because I assume it was trying to create a pointer to a temporary object which was erased at the end of my program's init() function. I found a way around that so that I can now directly edit those weapons from the init() function without causing more errors.

Guess I should look harder before posting (as I solved my own problem) but I spent the better part of last evening working on this and didn't see the problem.
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