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So i started a 2nd project and I noticed that any time I try to use objective c in something that comes from my pch it causes the compiler to crap out.

I think this is because in my original project(which I didn't have this issue) there are a ton more settings in the build info window. One of which is C Dialects to Precompile which has objective-c in there. My question is why would a newer project be missing whole sections here? I created it using the same template, the opengl es one.

In my old project there are entire categories that are not in the new one:
GCC 4.0 - Code Generation(about 15 entries)
GCC 4.0 - Language (about 15 more)
GCC 4.0 - Preprocessing (2)
GCC 4.0 - Warnings(about 20)

Any idea how to get access to more of these in a new project?
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When you create a project the compiler defaults to GCC 4.2 and the appropriate settings are shown. If you change the compiler to GCC 4.0 a bunch of stuff should change around accordingly.
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The most likely cause is that your new project is set to use a SDK that is not installed on your Mac. Changing the active SDK (Choose Project > Set Active SDK to change it) to a SDK you've installed should make the build settings appear. Read this post from an iPhone development blog for more detailed information.

Mark Szymczyk
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It was on 4.0, I changed it to 4.2, both show up in there as installed, but the options are still missing. Everything works so I must have the sdk, but just not seeing these specific gcc settings in the options menu.
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