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lightbringer Wrote:Feelgood, maybe you should post a build.

I think people will be much more interested then.

EDIT: I've been following feelgoods progress as of recent and it's cool to see this stuff in action, regardless if it's pretty much what we'll get in Tiger or not.
Yeah, I'll post a build before I go to bed tonight or early tomorrow morning (Other work calls right now argh)...
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OK, here's an alpha build... Note that the UI is basically non-existent currently (I'm working on that) and the live resize code might be slow on (<1.5GHz) non-SMP machines (heh, I'm using a 2.0 G5 for testing here so it's somewhat hard to get much of an idea about resize performance). Currently, CPU usage of the 'video in dock' effect is proportional to the size of the view so for the best performance, shrink the view to it's minimum size before minimizing (I'll fix this later).

Application and the README
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So anybody have any thoughts on this?

I wouldn't have expected a few people to say it's cool, etc...
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I can't get the shaders/effects to work - the readme says mouse wheel but nothing happens when I spin it.

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It works OK here on my 9600. About what I'd expect-- smooth except for some stutter during window resize/drag (I assume due to thread locking) and a handful of shader effects.

Really, in Tiger you'll be better off using CoreImage/CoreVideo.
In Panther, you'll be better off upgrading to Tiger Wink
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