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Hello all.
I am experiencing a sort of dillemna if you will.
I load my static geometry from .obj files and store this data as display lists during the runtime of the program. However, I would like to create a "map" of each of these static objects, storing each object's position and what object is at that position in a file that can also be loaded and read.
My problem lays in finding a way to relate, say my "Rock" display list ID which is generated when the display list is created, to an ID that is read from my ".map" file to determine the rock's position and display list ID.

I hope my question is clear.

Thank you for your time.

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Do you need to store the actual model in the file? if not you should probably just store positions and stuff in there
then load a file at runtime (e.g. starcraft... you load a file before starting a level) then load the geometry and put it in a set display list ID then have the object's name in the file say the same thing... (I hope this makes sense I may not have typed what I was thinking Shock it happens sometimes...)

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