How does one rotate a scanned image in openGL?

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Great! I'll add all these techniques to my toolbox. Always good to pick everybody's brains

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I'm writing a map making utility and I want
the ability to translate, scale, and rotate images. I got the first two with glRaster()
and glScale(), but rotation stumped me. I've learned a hell of alot in the last several

Just in case anybody is interested, I was able to port that "twister" code in the above link
and I just got it to work. Not as elegant from an openGL viewpoint (pun intended) but
very educational nonetheless.

I successfully fed it a 3033x3033 pixel tga image. And it took
about 5 seconds to rotate. A 2048x2048 image took about 2 seconds. Granted this was
the anti-aliased non-weighted algorithm, but still it looked pretty darn good. So not fast
enough for a real time game, but not bad for an old 400 Mhz iMac.

P.S. Graphic converter did not like the 3033x3033 image. Photoshop LE, no problemo.

Thanks again all.
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Meanwhile, the OpenGL Image sample code I linked to rotates a 3k+ image at 100fps here, with bilinear filtering.
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