Where to obtain SDL_mixer framework?

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It seems that the SDL website does not distribute an os x package for SDL_mixer containing a .framework. I can't understand why this is since SDL and SDL_image both come in os x packages. Anyone know why this is?


If no os x package is available, does that mean we are supposed to compile our own framework from source?
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The SDL site used to contain both OS X developer and release packages - I don't know when they stopped doing this or why, (search the mailing list archives probably...) but the .zip'd source to SDL_mixer contains a Project Builder (and Xcode?) project for building the framework.

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Thanks, I downloaded the zipped source. Contained a pbprojects folder. Opened it in Xcode however:

There were 4 targets: Framework, Static Library, Standard Package, Devel Package.

My first question is what is the "Framework" target for, if there are also targets called "Standard Package" and "Devel Package"?

But secondly, neither the "Standard Package" nor the "Devel Package" targets successfully built. The build failed right at the end when executing some shell script.

At least the "Framework" target seemed to build ok (with a number of warnings). Anybody else had these problems with building SDL_mixer using Xcode?

The Framework target build seems to contain a "Headers" folder which suggests to me it is the same thing as a "Devel Package". Is this right? But I want the "Standard Package" too. Any ideas?
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