XCode, SDL...how to make it work

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Not Mac specific, but you can find some tutorials here: http://cone3d.gamedev.net/cgi-bin/index.pl.

I did write a Mac version of his SDL tutorials once, but I believe those to be lost. Perhaps they are on one of my many backup DVDs. I'll check later for you.

Here's a checklist you could use to start pinpointing the problem:
  • Have Development Libraries as opposed to Runtime Libraries
  • Actually have SDL Framework in project
  • Have SDLMain.h and SDLMain.m
  • All spots with #include "SDL.h" have been changed to #include <SDL/SDL.h>
Let me know if you have all of that. I'll see if we can't figure out your problem.
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I did manage to find those old tutorials. They should work just fine. Try them out and let me know what problems you may encounter. I wrote them over a year ago at which point I was just done learning SDL, so there may be a few problems.


Edit: I did notice that the links don't work in Preview. The only ones that are necessary that aren't written out as the URL are for the runtime and development libraries in lesson 1 that you can find at http://www.libsdl.org.
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Absolutely awesome series of XCode aware SDL tutorials:

by Jari Komppa. I don't know if I have seen a series of better tutorals for beginning programming with C and SDL. Covers the basics of programming concepts, and you end up with a playable game in the process.

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