glFrustum() maths... are they correct?

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As I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the limitations of gluPerspective(), I thought I'd code a quick function to set-up a perspective view...
void Perspective( const double p_halfWidth,
    const double p_halfHeight,
    const double p_angle,
    const double p_far,
    double *p_near )
  const double near = ( p_halfWidth / tan( p_angle * ( 3.141592654 / 180.0 )));
  glFrustum( -p_halfWidth, p_halfWidth,
    p_halfHeight, p_halfHeight,
    near, p_far );
  *p_near = near;
It's missing a lot of useful functionality (ensuring near < far, for a start), but I've quickly tested it, and it seems to return the results I'd expect (for example, for a 45° view, as the apparent dimensions of an object halve every time the distance from the near point doubles.)

But I just wondered whether a more knowledgable coder would take a look, point out any (inevitable?) errors in the maths Huh

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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What on earth is wrong with using gluPerspective()?

- Alex Diener
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