Fantastic tutorial about light

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Check it out if you're painting, pixelling or setting up lights for a 3D scene.
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Wahoo! That got my creative juices flowing just like that! Thanks a lot, man!
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Like Fenris said. Smile Nice tutorial. I've only just begun to read it, but it's better than anything I've seen of this sort. Highly recommended. Smile

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My mom has been studying art (botanical drawings mainly) so I forwarded this to her. She's not read it completely yet but so far she likes it a lot. I liked it to, very accessible and interesting. I especially likes the way he explains things I'd never really wondered about but should have, like why artificial light looks different when viewed from outside a room at night, or why portrait photographers tend to use certain lighting. (I already why the sky is blue. :-) I'd recommend this article to almost anyone who has a curious bone in their body.

I wonder when the last two pages are going to go up?

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