Sparseness of Multitexturing documentatin in Red Book

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I'm trying to teach myself multitexturing.

I've got a hard copy of the Red book Version 1.2 (Third Edition) and it
only seems to discuss multitexturing on pages 422-427. There seems
to be a whole lot of GL_ constants that I'm coming across in various online tutorials like NeHe lesson's 22 like GL_COMBINE_EXT,
GL_DOT stuff, etc. that I can't find in anywhere in the book.

Am I missing something here, or were these optional multi-texturing
extensions finalized after the book was printed?

I've googled on the subject, and I'm finding bits and pieces here but no
complete and up to date treatise on the subject.

Can anybody recommend something like a multitexturing extension bible?

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I learned a bit about multitexturing from a windows-centric book, "Game Programming with OpenGL". Or something like that. The book is windows specific for things like fonts, texture loading, input, sound, etc. But the OpenGL code is good enough, and it covers multitexturing with a number of examples.

Link to Amazon

Enough that I was able to at least figure out the basics. For the rest, I pester the good people of this forum.

Also, the Red Book is fairly out of date. Too bad -- perhaps a new edition will come out eventually?
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Multitexturing was added to the core in GL 1.2.1. Other extensions to multitexturing, such as ARB_texture_env_crossbar, were added later. So your Red Book won't say much if anything about them. The Red Book has been updated to OpenGL 1.4 and there is a book just for extensions.

All (ok, most) of the extensions are documented in SGI's registry. Links via my chart.

The spec isn't as easy to read as a tutorial though...
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