FTGL Problems

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Sorry for not continuing the other thread on FTGL, but I am hoping this post gets noticed.

I downloaded the FTGL Mac project from Henry's site. I also downloaded freetype 2.1.9 and also cppunit-1.8.0 as well. I built all three projects and included the libfreetype.a and libcppunit-1.8.0.a in the FTGL project. After adding the header include paths, I still get the following errors that won't go away:

debug-symbols:off) — (2 errors, 2 warnings)
/usr/bin/c++ -o /Users/roger/Desktop/FTGL/mac/build/ftgldemo.app/ld: warning -L: directory name (/Users/henry/Development/PROJECTS/iSpot/libraries) does not exist
ld: /Users/roger/Desktop/FTGL/freetype-2.1.9/build/libfreetype.a(ftgzip.o) illegal reference to symbol: _inflateEnd defined in indirectly referenced dynamic library /usr/lib/libz.1.dylib
ld: Undefined symbols:
ld: warning -L: directory name (/Users/henry/Development/PROJECTS/iSpot/libraries) does not exist


Any suggestions? Does anybody have a self-contained project with the source files all zipped up and ready to use? That would be VERY cool. Smile


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The first can be fixed by adding libz.dylib to your project (from /usr/lib). The last can be fixed by editing the project's search paths to not contain that path. The middle one has me baffled -- maybe you need to configure FreeType with LZW support when you build it?
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No luck. I already had libz.dylib in the project. I don't know what you mean by adding LZW support. I'm not sure what that is or why it would not be there in the first place.

Thanks for trying, though.

-Roger Eastman
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libz.dylib is clearly not being used by the linker, or the first error would go away. I'd suggest trying again, making sure there's a tick next to it, checking the link command that's actually being used, &c.

I just downloaded and built FreeType 2.1.9 and my libfreetype.a contains _FT_Stream_OpenLZW -- do an nm on yours and see if your library is correct at least.
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