SDL installing problems

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i am trying to use openh323 and if I use it it says:

C:\openH323>ohphone --videotest -lane --videolocal --videoreceive sdl --videotransmit --videodevice --videoinput
OhPhone Version 1.3.7 by Open H323 Project on Windows 2000 (v5.1.2600-i586)

Warning --videoreceive device is SDL, but SDL is not installed
Install/Enable the SDL libraries, and then recompile ohphone.
OhPhone ended.

So i have to instal or enable the SDL libraries. I have looked on the website of SDL and there i have found the file how i need i tink (sdl.dll) I have tried to put that file in the proper directory but it is always the same fould. What am i doing wrong. How can i instal SDL on a window XP OS?

greets st0fke
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I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I will point out two things. First, this is almost exclusively a Mac-only (or at least cross-platform) site, so installation problems on Windows aren't really our specialty. Second, I'm sure that there's a SDL installation mailing list or message board somewhere which may help you more. That said, welcome, and hopefully someone else on this board can answer your question despite what I've said. Smile

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