Your inspirations [games]

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I'd have to say: Secret of Mana, Mega Man 2, Vice Project Doom, Ninja Gaiden, Crystalis, Shadowgate, Legend of Zelda (Link to the Past), Akira, Don Bluth Cartoons, Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Series. My goodness there are many.

The most important influence was my friend introducing me to Dungeons and Dragons in high school. I never played the game but drew up a character that would represent me. Since then I've changed my focus of art from realism to cartoon animation and fantasy illustration.

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cpc464 amstrad:
Savage, monthy thingy, Wec le mans, Jack the nipper 2 in the coconut caper thingy
[Image: jack_the_nipper_2.png]

Nebulus, God, Speedball2, sensible soccer, Lotus turbo chalenge, super frog
Chaos engine1,Shadow of the Beast
[Image: speed2_2.gif]

Super Mario, Zelda 1, Castle Vania pocket 1-2
[Image: Castlevania.jpg]

Mario 64, Zeldawindwaker, Rayman, Mario Kart, virtua racing,bomberman (dynablaster)
[Image: Gloup.png]

Ice cream, ice cream... geat readyy
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Shufflepuck, Archon, Bard's Tale, Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge, Asterax, SkyShadow, Crystal Quest, Stellar 7, Civilization, Realmz, Zork, Journey, Loom, Space Rogue, Oids

Especially Space Rogue:
[Image: spacerog.gif]

Especially Loom:
[Image: loom.gif]

Especially SkyShadow:
[Image: skyshad.gif]

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BeyondCloister Wrote:Manic Miner, Hungry Horace, Through the Wall, Jet Pac and lots of others from about 20 years ago that 99% of the people here would of never heard of.
Make that 98% since I remember playing at least 2 of those on the C64 and at the time I lived in one of the most remote parts of Australia.

Justin "LordFire" Baldock
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