Question on AI and board games

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I'm currently close to wrapping up the development of yet another game of mine. It's basically a boardgame where you have to jump over a piece to remove it. The objective of the game is to have as few pieces left as possible.

Now, the whole gameplay works, but I was wondering how I could add a feature that checked if there are any pieces that can be moved by jumping over other pieces, ie if there are any possible moves left?

I'm not very good at AI so if any of you can help me out, it would make me very happy Smile

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Not sure what you are trying to do. But it sounds like you need to list all the possible moves by brute force and then check each and every one.

Not really AI as such -- just simply checking each possibility in turn. Without knowing more details that's as good as *I* can do.

If you wondering about gameplaying AI, have a look at min max searching, with alpha beta pruning. Simple and effective.
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For checking end of game in FlipSquare and Chromacell I just moved through the entire board checking for possible moves until there were no more.
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hmm, yeah, I think brute force would be the way to go. It shouldn't be that hard to implement on this game.


"When you dream, there are no rules..."
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