Anybody here heard of Processing?

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Just wondered if anybody here has had any experience with Processing, and if so whether the experience was good, bad, or indifferent?

Just curious, as I'm considering messing about with it, with the option of perhaps doing something more, but I've very little time at the moment, so would like to know whether people think it's a waste of time Wink

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Never heard of it before now.

Sounds pretty interesting, but it also doesn't sound all that nice outside of a learning role. Might be fun to play around with, but it probably isn't anything I'd want to do a serious project in.
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Yes, I've heard of it and I have used it. My experience was good. I used it to create a webcam streaming server that sent stuff to a Flash movie. It was hell to code it, but the end result was way cool.

However, you can't make standalone apps, but you can make jar files to use it on webpage and such.

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