Discussion about creating Ender's Game(s)

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Thought I'd break off the discussion from here:
into it's own thread.

I think the Battle School games would have the significant challenge of creating a control system which would still give the player the feeling that they can control themselves in zero gravity. That said - if done right it could become fun just to go bouncing off walls!

A game that might be fun which is inspired by zero gravity games but not a direct remake of Ender's Game would be a Quake-like arena death match game but in zero gravity.
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Being able to play as a student in the battle school would certainly be fun, but I think that part of "doing it right" would involve getting to be a commander in the school and create strategies, commanding toons (tunes? I first "read" this as an audible file, and though I later read many of the other books, I can't remember which it was) and taking a more overall approach than as a single soldier.

[side note: When I play the tabletop collectible miniatures game HeroClix, I consider myself to be Dragon Team, and I examine all my strengths and weaknesses to be able to take out the buggers ...... but then, I'm just odd. But anyway, this is currently the closest experience I have to being a battle school commander, and so I'd really like a good game so it'd be more accurate]

A progression from soldier up to toon leader to commander would be very cool, allowing players to experience it as Ender (or Bean or anyone) did.

Oh, and anyone reading this who has read and loved Ender's Game but hasn't read Ender's Shadow -- GO OUT AND READ IT! Buy the hardcover if you have to, it is really a great complement to some of the fun bits of Ender's Game. Personally though, I really loved Speaker for the Dead, etc., and would recommend any and all of the seven books in the Ender's Game series.
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I think one problem that presents itself with the battle system is that our bodies have so much fine-control over different aspects. For example, I see it hard to represent the fact that your legs are frozen, or to feel that you are pushing off a wall. I could see it possibly working with dual analog input, and a 3rd person view. However, a keyboard would be almost impossible to use to get fine control over such a thing.

That said -- done right, I would play it Smile I actually just finished reading it for the 4th time a couple of months ago (ok, I cheated this time -- Audible read it to me as I drove from Austin to a town in Kansas Rasp)

Unfortunately, I don't have any unique ideas at the moment as to gameplay.
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