Query regarding number of polys, and tools

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Are low polygon models the best for 3D landscapes? What designer tool would be the best to use for 3D models & landscapes?
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personally I would use a grey heightmap for generic 3D landscapes (assuming you don't want things like caves).
then it can be low poly or high poly as you'd like.
I have recently picked up an old copy of Lightwave 7, once you learn some of the keys to it/where things are located, it is really easy to play around with and make decent looking models.
for natural landscapes, bryce is unmatched.

and as for low polygons, I'm assuming you want textured polygons. So depending on situation (number of objects on screen, how often on screen, etc.) depends on how many polys you want to use. I'd say for objects, use between at most between 100-2000.
for terrain, if you have a decent space partitioner, you can probably get up to 10,000
if you use LoD, you can still use 10,000, but it'll look really good where necessary, or you can reduce to 5000
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Hi Skyhawk, how are you doing?

Bryce looks so much of what I`m looking for in terms of making landscapes, but I was told; "Bryce is going to make high-polygon models, which won't be ideal for
3d-based engines." wich I really agree with because I read on the internet about polygons & faster 3D graphics; "The goal here is to ultimately avoid sending polygons into a potentially overloaded graphics pipeline." Overloading the graphics system in a Team based action game might result in delay or distrurbance of the graphics (am I right?).

So what if I took bryce for designing 3D landscapes, and lightwave for 3D modeling? Making models... I don`t know, but I know so much about martial arts, perhaps I could also design some action moves, with somekind of nice tool.

By the way Camacho... I`ve been told by alot of people to either start with programming language Basic or C, I`ll have a look for those books in about 2 days.

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