need tips for memes, my udg entry

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Here a short summary on my game, I call it memes, after the meme theory which says, that information behaves like genes.

Short description:
I try to do a game based on interaction, rather then the pure resource gathering witnessed in so many mmorpgs. To achieve that goal I invented the resource "meme", which basically is a text string with a purpose. The player gathers the memes from different sources, mainly from other players. The memes are needed to solve puzzles/mysteries. There is a ranking of those who solved the most puzzles/mysteries.
There is also a map, maps are good for immersion and visual appealing.

Goal of a player:
A player wants to get as many memes as possible. He wants them because he wants to solve the puzzles/mysteries. To get that he must exchange his memes with other players, and if he's lucky, he can solve a puzzle/mystery. But to solve a mystery/puzzle he must tell the solution to his own top three most liked players (you gain in favour with a player when you exchange memes with them). So the main goal of a player can only be gained when 3 conditions are met:
1. he needs enough memes to solve the puzzle
2. he must tell the solution to 3 people
3. the solution must be validated (manually by me)

on the map there are sometimes hidden memes, a word of the day, and a chat area. A player can talk to everyone who is in the chat area when he also is there. On other locations there are only two on two discussions allowed. You can't exchange memes or solutions in the chat area.

The memes automatically order themselves into the right group. Each group has one solution which then can be submitted. You need a certain number of memes to unlock the solution button, so if someone tells you memes via the chat, you have no way to solve the puzzle.

example meme group:
may not cross
6 lines
lines = matches
must form 4 triangles
4 triangles must be equally sided
think in other dimensions!
6 matches
try it out on a table!

example solution to the example group:
Align the 6 matches in 3d!
First form a triangle out of 3 matches on the table. Then put the remaining 3 matches in a pyramid-like position above these three matches. You can now count 4 equal triangles!

The map is not really integrated into the gameplay, seems rather useless.
Gameplay seems sketchy at best, might need to improve the resource count and or change the idea radically.
Too much manual stuff needs to be done once the game is done:
memes must be generated and adjusted to fit a solution.
solutions must be validated
word of the day must be populated (easy)

so any of you got any idea to improve my idea?
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I don't completely understand your idea, but from my experience with MMORPGS, what you will want to do is make sure to automate the action of trading and auctioning things (memes in your case) as much as possible. It's very annoying to have to open a trade window, run careful negotiations, etc unless it's very easy to do without many clicks or presses.
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sounds reasonable, thanks for your input.
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