Window Size/Screen Resolution in SDL

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I am trying to make a windowed SDL game of Tetris (starting small). I need the resolution to be nice and high but how can I set the window size to be around 380x440 pixels?
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In SDL, you can create a window of any size you like -

To get a SDL_Surface for the screen use the following call:

SDL_Surface *SDL_SetVideoMode(380, 440, 32, SDL_SWSURFACE);

Remember to check that the returned surface is not null, which it will be if the window setup failed.

Notice that this window will look quite small indeed on a large screen e.g.1600x1200!

But that's how you do it anyway.


- Iain

P.S. Have a look at - It's a load of SDL game code that you can use for free!
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